construction project

In the coming years, our non-profit AN-NYA foundation plans to build a regional medical training center and a surgical center, which will enable over 5000 annual surgical procedures.

The training and education center will actively support the postgraduate training of physicians with a special focus on surgery, anesthesiology, gynecology, and obstetrics.

The postgraduate training will be conducted by the establishment of two structured 2-year courses with lectures, training, workshops, and practicums in the surgical center. For this purpose, the AN-NYA Foundation would like to provide at least 4 training teams with different specialists to St. Marys Hospital annually. Those teams will visit the hospital for two weeks every year and ensure the training of the medical staff on site. 

Currently, the electricity and water supplies at St. Mary's Hospital is primitive. Water is collected in large tanks during the rainy season and is scooped into containers by the patients' families when needed. 

Generators are used to supply power in the event of a power outage, which is not an uncommon event. Surgeries continue with the aid of headlamps until the generators can be started. 

Water is drawn from the underground tank and carried in kettles on the head.

Instruments are sterilized in this "pressure cooker".  

Through the construction of the new surgical center, a more reliable supply of water and electricity can be guaranteed. The plan is to build a solar plant, as a safe and sustainable source of energy for the operating rooms and the sterilization area.  

If you like to financially support the construction project, you can find the necessary information here