A long-awaited reunion

In the last two years, first because of the pandemic, then because of the uncertain security situation in the country, missions of our teams were not possible. We are all the more pleased that in November 2022 a team traveled to Okpoga again and was able to continue the work at St. Mary Hospital. The enthusiasm was great on both sides and we were able to train intensively on the one hand and treat many patients together again on the other. 


Update missions

As in previous times traveling to Nigeria is currently impossible due to the Corona situation. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do any more missions at St. Mary's Hospital this year. 

However, our friends at St. Mary's Hospital are in good health and continue to operate diligently. 

We are not completely idle either and are working on a 3-year curriculum that should simplify the teaching program on site. We are also considering a second location in Nigeria, in Jikwoyi. The hospital, also run by nuns, is a little closer to Abuja. Thereby, we hope to attract a larger number of doctors for our classes. 

In addition, we hope to start construction on the new operating wing at St. Mary's Hospital next year. 

So there is still a lot of excitement ahead of us.  


...it goes on

Corona time is an uncertain time for us and the planning of our next mission, which would have been planned for the fall. As far as we have heard from Sr. Christiana, the director of St. Mary's Hospital, Okpoga has so far been spared from the virus. More than that, they continue to operate diligently even in our absence, applying what they have learned. A few days ago we received a list of about 30 operations that have been performed since our departure. A statistics about the patients and their surgeries have been compiled – and new surgeries are diligently added to the surgery list. 


February/March deployment

Our last mission was already two weeks ago. Again it was an impressive, intensive time that we were able to spend with the staff of St. Mary's Hospital. For the first time, Carmen, a nursing specialist, and Sarah, a photographer, were part of the team. You can admire Sarah's impressive pictures here on the website and on our new Instagram page (@annyafoundation). 


29.07.2019: How do you create a chest drain when you don't have adequate surgical material?! Watch the video here.